Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How do I become a member of CGAP?

Annual dues are $10.  To join, click here.

2. What can I expect from membership?

The CGAP Section’s goals are to:

  • Create an open, transparent space for ARNOVA members interested in community and grassroots associations to network and provide mutual support. This is done through:
    • Regular communication featuring news and upcoming events of interest, member publications, etc. through this blog and other social media.
    • An annual meeting and other networking opportunities at the annual ARNOVA Conference.
  • Involve members in the planning and participation of the annual ARNOVA conference and ARNOVA committees.
  • Encourage interest in community and grassroots associations with emerging scholars and new members of ARNOVA.
  • Stimulate discussion, collaboration, and theoretical development regarding community and grassroots associations.

3. How can I get involved?

We are looking for feedback and involvement from CGAP members – your participation is what keeps our group vital.  Please contact the section president Angie Eikenberry with your ideas.

4. Who are the members of CGAP?

Members include researchers and practitioners in the areas of community and grassroots associations. For the profiles of some of our members, click here.  For the profiles of elected officials, click here.

5.  Are there other ways of keeping up with CGAP?

We also have a Facebook page here, which also has a RSS feed of this blog’s entries.  Or, you can sign up for an email subscription here.

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