OWS Questions

The Occupy Wall Street protest movement began September 17th, 2011 in Zuccotti Park, New York City.  In less than a year, the OWS has spurred groups and events around the globe who have adopted the Occupy banner. While it is difficult to estimate the size or to foresee how the movement will evolve, it has inspired many of us to reflect on the social movements and grassroots efforts we study, teach about and participate in. We invite you to share your experience and thoughts.  Join the conversation!  Advertisements Continue reading OWS Questions

The Beginning of CGAP by Thomasina Borkman

The CGAP Leadership Team asked Thomasina Borkman, Emeritus Professor of Sociology, to reflect on the early days of ARNOVA and CGAP Borkman CGAP blog Conferences of the Association of Voluntary Action Scholars (AVAS)  in the late 1970s were small informal affairs held in Universities where we could sleep in inexpensive student housing. We mostly knew each other.  It was a more hospitable and personal venue for me to try out my sociological papers than many larger sociological conferences.  Moreover, the interdisciplinary atmosphere fascinated me.  By 1990 I had attended the Association’s conferences and presented papers for years and been active … Continue reading The Beginning of CGAP by Thomasina Borkman