Seminal Articles

We would like to hear from you!

What do you see as some of the seminal articles in our field? Send your suggestions to Lehn – lbenjami [@]

The suggestions so far…

Galaskiewicz, Joseph, Wolfgang Bielefeld, and Myron Dowell. 2006. “Networks and Organizational Growth: A Study of Community Based Nonprofits.” Administrative Science Quarterly 51: 337-380.

Jenkins, Craig J. 1977. “Radical Transformation of Organizational Goals.” Administrative Science Quarterly 22 (4): 568-586.

Marwell, Nicole P. 2004. “Privatizing the Welfare State: Nonprofit Community-Based Organizations as Political Actors.” American Sociological Review 69(2): 265-91.

Minkoff, Debra C. 1999. “Bending with the Wind: Strategic Change and Adaptation by Women’s and Radical Minority Organizations.” American Journal of Sociology 104(6): 1666-1703.

Minkoff, Debra C. 2002. “The Emergence of Hybrid Organizational Forms: Combining Identity-Based Service Provision and Political Action.” Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly 31(3): 377-401.

Staggenborg, Suzanne. 1988. “The Consequences of Professionalization and Formalization in the Pro-Choice Movement.” American Sociological Review 53(4): 585-605.

Zald, Mayer N., and Roberta Ash. 1966. “Social Movement Organizations: Growth, Decay, and Change.” Social Forces 44(3): 327-41.

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