Welcome new bloggers and readers

Welcome new bloggers and readers! Here’s how you can help make this site work, and put it to work for you.

All of the content on this site is created by and for the ARNOVA-Community and Grassroots Association Section members, though of course it is public for anyone else to read.
Have a related thought or response to share on a post or announcement?

All of the items, reviews, announcements, etc., are open to comment. We hope that when you read the posts you will be moved to respond, relate, comment or query from time to time. Click on the

Submit Comment

button under any item. Note that contributors will be asked for their names.

For example, if one of your favorite books or articles is listed, then tell the world how great it is. That works even if you wrote it. Your comments will appear later in the comments list on the item page. (Spam, offensive snarky comments and the like will be removed.)

Use the Reply link to respond to a comment or to get a conversation going.

But wait! There’s more.

  1. Want to keep informed via email? Subscribe to the site.
    From our main page at https://cgaptoday.wordpress.com/, click on the

    Sign Me Up

    button and enter your email address. You will receive emails with links when cool new things are added.

  2. Are you involved with something that would be of interest to our members? Any projects, research, accomplishments, etc.? Then post a news item.
    Do you want to start a new discussion thread on an important or interesting research topic or news? Then create a thought piece.
    Send info to Katherine Chen: kchen  [@]  ccny.cuny.edu, with the subject line “ARNOVA-CGAP.”  She will either create an account for you so that you can post under your name, or if you prefer, post items for you.
  3. Want people to read your work? Have you published an article that would be of interest?
    Send a summary and citation to Lehn Benjamin – lbenjami [@] gmu.edu
  4. How about a free plug for your book?
    Send info to Howard Lune – hlune [@] hunter.cuny.edu
    We can also add our own editorial reviews, if you have your publisher send us a copy of the book.

  6. Want to search through the site to locate an old post?  Need to find the best, up-to-date sources for your research, writing, or presentations?
    – From our main page, click on Resources and browse the titles or search for keywords.
    – Use the Archives drop down box to select past months worth of news posts.
    – Use the Search box to enter keywords for your interests, and see what comes up.
  7. Will you join us in November at the annual meeting? Get up to date information and links from our ARNOVA 2010 page.
  8. What is that clump of words in different sizes on the left-hand side of the page?  It’s a tag cloud, a field of recurring terms and key words that can be found throughout the site; topics like “movements” or “impact.” Click on one and retrieve the items where the terms occur.  The size of the tag is associated with its frequency of use.

And so much more.
Send comments or questions, or report problems, to any of the site administrators. See contact info under the “Contributors” link on the left.

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