2013 Penn Summer Fellows Program (for doctoral students)

"Apply now for the 2013 Penn Summer Fellows Program

The University of Pennsylvania’s Nonprofit Leadership (NPL) 
Program invites doctoral students everywhere to apply for the 2013 
Penn Summer Fellowship Program.

Facilitated by Peter Frumkin, Professor of Social Policy and 
Director of Penn's NPL Program, the seminar will explore emerging 
issues in the world of nonprofit organizations, voluntary action, 
philanthropy and international civil society. The program will be 
held  June 3-28, 2013 at The University of Pennsylvania. Students 
are expected to submit a draft research paper that they would like 
to refine and prepare for publication during the program. Housing 
in Philadelphia near the Penn campus and $3,000 stipends are 
provided to all Summer Fellows.

Eligibility: Graduate students currently enrolled in PhD programs 
at degree-granting institutions

Submission deadline: February 28, 2013

Submission requirements: A resume, a draft research paper 
(unpublished) on a topic related to the nonprofit sector, and an 

Send to leeamy1      [at]     sp2    [dot]  upenn  [dot]  edu"

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