Submissions for the Nov. 2012 ARNOVA conference are due March 30, 2012

“…the deadline for submitting proposals for presentations for our November 2012 Conference is just 10 days away — that is, March 30, 2012. We invite proposals on the wide range of themes or topics that are included in our diverse field of studies, and encourage presentations that come from a variety of disciplinary (or interdisciplinary) perspective. We also encourage proposals addressing this year’s conference theme, “Re-examining Philanthropy: Exploring Root Concepts for our Fields.”

We also strongly encourage you not to wait until the last minute to submit. We have a new submission system, which we think is easier to use; but since it is not our own, if there is a problem submitting there may be times it will take longer to get a solution. (That could be a snag for “last minute” submissions.)

Go to our homepage — — and you will find a red button that says “Submit a Proposal,” and it will take you into the system. We hope to have a wealth of wonderful proposals to select from, and look forward to including as many as space and time will permit. Submit yours now!


Thomas Jeavons
Executive Director”

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