At the ARNOVA meetings Tom Polack of the National Center for Charitable Statistics at the Urban Institute began talking about a new project he is working on to set up community partnerships in various settings around the country using what he calls “community platforms”.  You’ll have to email Tom to gain a fuller understand of what he means (he has documentation that he has shared with me but that is not yet posted on the Urban Institute web site).  One of my longstanding interests has been in setting up partnerships among nonprofit leaders to create a regional, mutually supportive network in Central Pennsylvania.  This fits somewhat with Polak’s notion of community platforms and he came by in December to meet my local partners.

This is background.  The real point of this posting is to say that Tom and I have begun reading and talking about things related to community leadership.  I’m a bit of a skeptic, I’ll admit.  However, we have been talking about readings we find helpful and that might guide us in setting up some local programs to build and enhance civic leadership. With that in mind he encouraged me to read a book by Heifetz called LEADERSHIP WITHOUT ANSWERS.  My comments on the book are posted on my Academia.com blog site at: http://bucknell.academia.edu/CarlMilofsky/Blog.

I’m going report on the progress Polak and I make on our community platforms project at that blog site.  I’ll also be posting my reading notes on other things.  Specifically, I’m about to begin teaching a course on international NGOs and as part of the preparation for the course I read a pile of books and produced critical reflections on those.  I’ll post my comments on the Academia.com site.  These include some of the best books I’ve read on nonprofits in recent years.

Carl Milofsky



One thought on “Leadership

  1. Carl, Thanks for doing this. I look forward to reading your perspective on this. I’ve been thinking about this here in Omaha too, mostly from the perspective of capacity building and through some work I am doing with the community foundation. I’ve found Hildy Gottlieb’s work to be very helpful in thinking about how to apply a broader notion of civic leadership to community change and betterment (http://hildygottlieb.com/about/). We too are entertaining the possiblity of working with Tom on the commuity platform project (some info about it is here: http://nccs.urban.org/). I think it’s full of interesting possibilities.

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