For contributors: how to add a new post

For those who are contributors to the blog, assuming that you are set up with a WordPress account to our blog, here is a step-by-step reminder of how to add a new post:
Login to the CGAP blog at
Under the “My Blog” dropdown menu, select the “Dashboard” page. This should open up a new page.
In left column, next to the image of a thumbtack, click “Posts.”
Click “Add new post”
Type in or cut and paste text into box.
Remember, the horizontal buttons allow you to add links to other webpages, bold or italicize font, etc. Click here for a visual tutorial about how to embed photos, video, and audio into a post or here for written instructions about how to embed images.

In the rightmost column marked categories, check the relevant box(es). Don’t see the right category for your post? Add your own under “Add New Category” and click button.
You can also add terms into “Post tags” box. Either select from most used tags or enter new ones. This creates the “tag” cloud of most used tags and helps people search for your post by the tag.

In rightmost column, in the box marked “Publish”:
Hit “Save Draft” periodically in case you lose your connection or the page crashes.
Hit “preview” button to see what the entry will look like. Make corrections as needed.
When you’re ready to go live, hit “publish” button.
You can always correct or edit an entry after it has been published – hit the blue “update” button when you’re done with your corrections.

Alternatively, here are directions provided by WordPress:

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