So, how’d it go?

To all CGAP members, please take a minute or two to record some feedback or impressions, praise or critique, or otherwise leave word about your conference experience.

Did you focus on section events? How were they? What were you hoping for? Any suggestions for next year’s business meeting? What new discoveries have you taken away from Alexandria? etc. etc.

Just hit “comment” below to add your voice.

3 thoughts on “So, how’d it go?

  1. I really liked the session on the World Social Forum where the role of the scholar-activist came up. It seems from the plenary with the two legislative aides who were asking What Does ARNOVA Want? that many ARNOVA’s are of the view that we should not be taking stands on issues. My own scholar-activism is what I think of as “evidence-based” i.e. it comes from what I’ve learned from my research. I’d like CGAP to provide more forums to discuss this — and perhaps to consider bringing resolutions on issues to the membership.

    1. Susan, I really enjoyed that session too and would like to see more discussions like that at ARNOVA. CGAP can play a central role in this.

  2. Wonderful to see old familiar colleagues and friends, and meet new ones! It was fascinating to see the growth of presentations on social networking at the conference this year. There is still far to go, however, in bringing the association into the 21st century. This CGAP site has certainly been a move in the right direction.

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