Food insecurity and homelessness growing among college students

Last semester, my university’s administration asked professors to share information about food stamps benefits with students who appeared to be in need. I was momentarily stumped by this request, as it’s difficult to tell if someone has what is euphemistically termed “food insecurity.” So, I shared the info with all of my students via email and an in-class announcement. At the time, I thought back to my fellow undergraduate classmates’ situations, including student who lived in his pick-up truck in a university parking lot because he couldn’t afford student housing. We could talk about these issues because we lived and worked together on-campus. However, at commuter campuses, such conversations happen less frequently, making it difficult to identify how prevalent such issues are for students.

Media reports suggest that food insecurity, along with homelessness, is a growing problem for undergraduate students. See NPR’s short report here and the Atlantic‘s report here.

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