Three members’ info added to the members’ page

We’ve added 3 ARNOVA-CGAP members’ bios to the members’ page here. I’ve also reproduced the info below, along with a new link to a podcast on corporate activism.

“James Jennings is Professor of Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning at Tufts University. He teaches courses on social policy, community development, and race/gender and public policy. His research focuses on neighborhood revitalization and inner city communities and, in particular, the linkages between local and small nonprofits and education, economic development, immigration, and housing. He also examines the range of urban agendas in competition and conflict over the visioning and use of urban land in low-income and working-class neighborhoods. Dr. Jennings has authored and co-edited several recent books and anthologies examining these kinds of issues: Welfare Reform and the Revitalization of Inner City Neighborhoods (Michigan State University Press, 2003); Race, Politics, and Community Development in U.S. Cities (The Annals, July 2004); Race, Neighborhoods and the Misuse of Social Capital (Palgrave, 2007); and, Urban Spaces: Planning and Struggles for Land and Community (Lexington Books, 2010).”

“Max Stephenson Jr.’s areas of expertise include civil society and peace studies, international development and democratization processes, environmental politics, and humanitarian and refugee relief. He is the author of 40 published articles, the editor of three journal symposia/theme issues and the author of two monographs. Stephenson is also the founding director of Virginia Tech’s Institute for Policy and Governance. He and Professor Laura Zanotti of Virginia Tech are currently at work together on a book entitled, “Community-Based NGOs, Peacebuilding and the Challenges of Post-Conflict Governance” for Kumarian Press, 2012. Stephenson earned his academic degrees, including a doctorate in government, from the University of Virginia.”

“Edward Walker is Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Vermont, currently on leave to serve as Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Fellow in Health Policy Research at the University of Michigan. His interests include civil society, political and civic engagement, organizations, social movements, and the non-profit sector. Most broadly, his research focuses on how organizations manage their institutional environments strategically through mobilizing civic and political participation. His work appears in such venues as the American Sociological Review, American Journal of Sociology, Social Problems, Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, and Public Opinion Quarterly. His current projects include a longitudinal study of community-based organizations across the U.S., an examination of the influence of professional public affairs campaigns on political participation and policy, and research on how institutional contexts shape protest. He is also co-organizer of the Democratizing Inequalities conference, on modern transformations in participatory practices. As an RWJF Scholar, he is examining the role of public affairs consultants in mobilizing stakeholders on health issues.”
Following up on a previous post, Ed Walker also has a Contexts podcast with discussants about corporations’ past and present use of grassroots tactics and online technology to build support for policy and legislation. It’s an ideal download for a 30 minute drive or activity.

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