Homelessness: Returning female American veterans at risk; 1 person’s online video crusade against homelessness

Over the weekend, NPR featured two reports about homelessness. One report concerns the rise of homelessness among female American veterans, and an organization’s efforts to provide transitional housing: “More than 240,000 female service members have been deployed to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, but for many, reintegrating into civilian life and trying to find employment is not within their reach.

The Department of Veteran Affairs has acknowledged that women are nearly four times as likely as men to end up homeless. ”

For those of you who teach at university, your university may have special programs and student associations for veterans. You may also consult the US Dept. of Veteran Affairs website here.

Another report details the efforts of Mark Horvath to raise awareness and support for the homeless through online videotaped interviews: ” As more bloggers shared Horvath’s videos, and as he aggregated more Twitter followers, big corporations took notice. Ford Motor Company lent Horvath a vehicle to drive across the county last summer to profile the homeless in middle America. Hanes gave him socks to give away to his subjects. And more people simply surfing the Web are donating money.

Horvath insists all the money raised goes right back into the Web site. Chris Brogan is the author of Trust Agents, a New York Times bestseller about social media. He says Invisiblepeople.tv marks a new way of supporting a social cause — not through some big non-profit, but directly through one person doing one good thing.”

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