United States v. Arizona: Justice Dept. takes action on Arizona’s law, and conservative calls to drop opposition to immigration reform policies

NPR and the NYT have articles about the Justice Dept.’s suit against Arizona regarding its recently passed immigration law. The NYT article reports that the suit is filed on the grounds of federal vs. state authority, rather than civil rights:
“In a background call with reporters, a senior department official said the decision to file the lawsuit — and to do so on the ground that it pre-empts federal authority, rather than on civil rights grounds like racial profiling — followed extensive deliberations with the Civil Rights Division and others inside the department, and a trip to Arizona to meet with state officials.”

NPR has an article about Richard Land’s urging fellow Republicans to reconsider their stance on immigration policy:
“But even if Republicans are thinking only of the next election, or the next few elections, Land says, the lessons of history should compel them to think again.

“The people who have been anti-immigration have lost every one of these arguments,” he says. “They lost it with the Irish in the 1830s and ’40s and turned them into Democrats for three generations. They lost it with the Italians in the 1890s and the early part of the 20th century and turned the Italians into Democrats for three generations. I mean, you know, do they want to do it with the Hispanics too?””

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