Community-Supported-Agriculture (C.S.A.) brings fresh fruit and vegetables and ownership to the South Bronx

The NYT featured an article and video about the innovative use of Community-Supported-Agriculture (CSA) to provide locally grown fresh fruit and vegetables and promote ownership in an underserved urban area:
“Dennis Derryck, a 70-year-old mathematician and professor at the New School for Management and Urban Policy, has become the unlikely matchmaker between the two worlds.

Mr. Derryck, who lives in Harlem, is Schoharie County’s newest farmer. His spread is Corbin Hills Road Farm, 92 acres with a pretty farmhouse and a silo that needs a roof. It’s the cornerstone of a project linking the upstate rural and downstate urban through beets and berries, an effort to get healthy food into what is the poorest Congressional district east of the Mississippi.

Unlike others who have come to the South Bronx to solve social problems through vegetables, he is offering neither charity nor an outsider’s idea of what the neighborhood might want to cook. He’s developed a commercial community-supported agriculture plan (C.S.A.) that lets residents determine what they’ll get, with an enticing prize at the end for people who stick with it: a chance to own shares in the farm.”

3 thoughts on “Community-Supported-Agriculture (C.S.A.) brings fresh fruit and vegetables and ownership to the South Bronx

  1. Nice article, thanks for posting it.
    I am a member of a CSA in the Mid-Hudson Valley. One of our farmers travels around the NY area giving talks and classes on sustainable agriculture. If anyone in the region was planning on including some of this material in a class, feel free to write to me for his contact information.

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