Class blogs as a teaching tool

Recently, I visited ARNOVA-CGAPer Carl Milosky, Beth Duckles, and other colleagues at Bucknell University.  During a visit to one of the classes, I learned that Management Professor Jordi Cormas has his students work on writing blog posts that relate news items to organizational theory.  This is a great way to make a feedback loop that extends beyond the classroom, allowing students to hone their analytic and presentation skills.  Does anyone else use blogs as a teaching tool for students?

2 thoughts on “Class blogs as a teaching tool

  1. Hi Katherine
    I’ve used blogs as a teaching tool as part of an undergrad course on social innovation. The students first chose a social problem they were interested in and posted their “findings” onto their individual blog. Other students then provided comments/feedback on their posts/links. I then invited a local blogging expert – who runs PovNet – to provide some feedback. The students then worked in groups to tackle a local social problem and presented their workings and findings on blogs created and run by the group. It seemed to work well and their work was not “lost” after the course. Happy to provide more details if anyone is interested in knowing what worked and what didn’t :)

    1. Thanks for sharing, Graham! This is a great way of getting students to work collaboratively and practice their writing and presentation skills.

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