Talk about Romani politics at 1pm EST this Tues., April 20, 2010 at Rutgers University, NJ

Are you interested in learning about NGOs in Europe or the Roma movement?  If so, please attend a talk by scholar Nidhi Trehan:

The Office of the Dean of International Studies and The Center for European Studies, Rutgers University cordially invite you to a talk by Nidhi Trehan


Tuesday, April 20, 1:00 pm

At the Center for European Studies

The profound shifts in economic policy towards neoliberal market principles in the 1990s in the former so­cialist countries of Europe (economic ‘shock therapy’ in some cases) resulted in catastrophic labor market exclusion and unemployment for many Romani Europeans. Although some scholars have discussed the ad­verse implications of liberal democratic transitions in former socialist states for Roma in particular, few have analyzed the impacts of neoliberal ideologies that have dominated European political landscape since the 1980s. Only recently have Western NGOs and governments in Europe begun to discuss the scale of the chal­lenges posed by the past two decades of neglect and poor policy interventions vis-à-vis Romani citizens in Europe. It appears as if the European policy-making elite in post-socialist Europe was concentrated in one corner of the room focusing on American-inspired ‘democratization’ programs, coupled with an agenda of civil and political rights enhancement (via legislative and ‘rule-of-law’ reforms), whilst the social and economic (material) conditions of Romani communities went neglected in the opposite corner for many years.

Dr. Trehan holds a PhD from the London School of Economics and recently completed an ESRC fellowship at the UCL School of Public Policy/Political Science at the University of London. She will discuss the confluence of neoliberalism, rising poverty and growing violence against Romani citizens of Europe, in an effort to make sense of the paradoxical and puzzling socio-political landscape of contemporary ‘democratic’ Europe.  She has recently published a co-edited volume with Nando Sigona of Oxford University, ‘Romani Politics in Contemporary Europe: Poverty, Ethnic Mobilization, and the Neoliberal Order’, see further details here.  Trehan may be contacted at trehanorama  [@]

The Center for European Studies is located at 102 Nichol Avenue, on the Douglass Campus.

Easy parking is available behind the Little Theater.

Lunch will be served.

Official flier is here: NIDHI TREHAN April 2010

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