The Vision for CGAP Online

A vision for CGAP Online is starting to emerge but we need your help!  We can see great value in creating spaces where scholars and practitioners interested in community and grassroots organization can connect.  That said, we all know that we don’t need another “resource” that we don’t have time to use.  For this space to be meaningful we need it to be run by the members for the members on issues that we care about.  We have some ideas to get the ball rolling but we don’t have an agenda :).

It would be great to get your thoughts on:

1. Creating must-read content – what would you like to read and write about?

2. Building relationships – What ways work best for you to connect to other members and those interested in grassroots and community organizing?

A small team has formed to respond to all the contributions we hope to receive.  If you would like to join this team or have suggestions, then please contact Katherine Chen (kchen [@] with your details.

CGAP Online Team

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